Happy Anniversary!

Ten years ago (November 2008), john.seelbinder.org was born, providing a platform with which to share my photography with you.

Ten years ago was also the last time this website had an update. Well - to be honest, it's never had an update. It's remarkable it has held up so well. A decade is an eternity in the World Wide Web. This website has been long overdue for a facelift. Thank you for your patience.

2019 ushers in the first major upgrade and relaunch of john.seelbinder.org since its inception. The design is cleaner and more tightly focused on the images. An effort has been made to make the website responsive for mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, while presenting larger and richer images for big screens. Additionally, behind the scenes, a framework has been put in place to make it much easier to update, maintain, and expand the image galleries. That's good news, because it means it's likely I'll be updating the website with new content more frequently than in the past.

Over the course of the last decade, my ideas on what "photography" means to me has evolved as well. I have a greater interest in photography as an artistic expression of creativity, rather than simply a method of recording a scene or moment. Going forward, expect to see on this website both traditional photography and digitally manipulated works, including textured images and "digital paintings" ... photographic art.


Awards and Published Work

Rochester Contemporary Art Center 6x6x2019 - The International Small Art Phenomenon

Participating Artist - three works submitted

(artworks are exhibited anonymously; artists’ names will be revealed to the buyer upon purchase)

Adirondack Life Magazine

2015 Photo Contest First Place Landscape

Kodak alaris photography contest

2015 First Place Advanced Nature category

2015 First Place Advanced Pictorial category

2014 Best in Show

2014 First Place Advanced Nature category

2014 Second Place Advanced Pictorial category

2013 Third Place Advanced Landscape category

Eastman Kodak RSS photography contest

2012 Best in Show

2012 People's Choice

2012 First Place Advanced Pictorial category

2012 First Place Advanced Landscape category

2009 First Place Advanced Computer Enhanced category

2009 First Place Advanced Nature category

2008 First Place Advanced Nature category